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About Us

Meet Masksup – your newest stylish alternative to the standard preventative mask.

Masksup was founded in response to the ever-growing threats. As our lifestyles change in response to this threat, proper prevention is becoming more and more essential in our everyday lives. And one of the most important must-have safety protocols is the preventative mask.

While providing a high level of personal prevention is one of the utmost importance with designing a mask, at Masksup, we understand that maintaining your personal sense of style is necessary, too. With a selection of modern masks designed as a stylish yet fully functional alternative to standard preventative masks, Masksup offers unique designs that are perfectly suited to adding to any active lifestyle.

Each of our masks are designed with eco-friendly materials and production processes in order to minimize our impact on the environment while promoting ethical responsibility. Our masks are crafted using natural latex and no formaldehyde whatsoever, giving them a lasting and high level of quality that will withstand many wears. 

Specially crafted to effectively filter out PM 2.5 particles, Mäsksup masks offer a high level of prevention from dust, pollen, shavings, mold, biologics and other microscopic airborne contaminants found in poor air quality. Masksup is tested and certified as FFP2, with minimum of 99% prevention against particles down to the size of 0.1µm. As our daily lifestyle moves towards a higher level of personal prevention, this filtration is an essential aspect to keeping safe and healthy.

In addition to offering a high level of prevention and functionality, each and every mask produced by Masksup is designed with a bold print or on-trend pattern, making them the perfect essential accessory to add to any outfit.



At Masksup, we are proud to have partnered with GetUsPPE.org in order to distribute free masks to frontline workers and underserved, under-resourced communities around the world. By partnering with this organization, we have been able to provide our masks to the communities that need it most, working together towards a better, healthier and safer future for everyone.



We know that it’s critical that everyone has access to life-saving PPE, especially protective masks. If you are in need of a donation of masks, please reach out to us at marketing@masksup.co for further information. We would love to help!